Play Ball!

This year’s Region Challenge for the NAIW Legacy Foundation is “Knock It Out of the Park”!

Each Region will be designated a team and will be represented by a team ‘jersey’ with the Region’s number indicated on our baseball diamond gameboard. Each base on the gameboard will represent 25% of the Region’s members participating in the challenge. Once the jersey has circled the bases and arrives back at home base with 100% participation, it will be a Grand Slam! In recognition of significant donations and/or progress, the Legacy Foundation Task Force will be awarding a ‘mini’ Louisville Slugger bat for each of the following achievements (minimum donation of $25 to qualify). Winners will be announced at the International Convention in Louisville, KY.

  • First Team/Region to get to First Base (25% of Goal)
  • First Team/Region to get a Grand Slam (100% of Goal)
  • First Individual Donation
  • Largest Individual Donation

The Legacy Foundation Task Force is offering another way to support the Legacy Foundation.  This year we will be holding a Spring Training online auction for a beautiful ceramic tile donated by Mike and Carol Bond.  If you’re not familiar with Mike’s artistry, check out his Facebook page (search Mike Bond and view his “Birds, Butterflies & Blooms…” album).  The auction will be online only April 1-15 and the highest bidder will have the opportunity to select their choice of tile from Mike’s portfolio.