Invest in the strength of the insurance community and secure the future success of the industry. Support the NAIW Legacy Foundation to know that you’re making our industry stronger!

The NAIW International Legacy Foundation is committed to supporting insurance professionals. Through scholarships and grants, the Legacy Foundation supports the growth and advancement of IAIP members by funding professional development and career opportunities.

Donations are funding:

  • Development of educational courses
  • Local, council and regional educational seminars and workshop
  • Keynote speakers
  • Support of members pursuing insurance education

Why Donate

“During my 35 plus years in the industry, my employer from time to time helped with my membership dues but not with time off or convention cost. Shortly after joining IAIP (then NAIW) I began donating to the Founder’s Circle Education Fund. I was so impressed that an association was part of providing education and leadership to the members of our industry. Over the years I have had many insurance professionals explain their struggle to keep their membership, as well as attend conventions. The NAIW Legacy Foundation has assisted many professionals with this struggle.

I continue to be impressed with this amazing foundation. The Legacy Foundation’s grants and scholarships are dedicated to providing educational and leadership programs to insurance professionals. I have been retired for several years but my support to the Legacy Foundation has not lessened. I proudly continue to donate time and money to the NAIW Legacy Foundation.”

2023-2024 Foundation Board Chair

Thank You to Our Donors


  • Scholarship deadlineS The NAIW Legacy Foundation is ready to help you achieve your educational goals! Application Period #1Application Deadline: January 15 Application Period #2Application Deadline: August 15 Professional scholarships are awarded for professional development programs, continuing advanced education and registration fees for attendance at IAIP Conventions and Conferences. Whether you just started your career or you’re an… Read More
  • Leadership Opportunities Volunteers serving in a leadership position with the Legacy Foundation play a vital role in the organization and are shaping the future of the Foundation. Positions are available starting July 1 to June 30, annually. There are a variety of ways that you can be involved with the Foundation: Foundation Nominating Committee: The NAIW Legacy… Read More
  • Scholarships Now Available Professional development scholarships are available through the NAIW Legacy Foundation. We proudly offer these professional scholarship opportunities through the generous donations funding by the IAIP members and the collegiate scholarship opportunities through the Norm Ziegler Trailblazer fund. Application Period #1Application Deadline: January 15 Application Period #2Application Deadline: August 15 Professional scholarships are awarded for professional… Read More



$39,226.64 in total Scholarships

Scholarships Awarded since 2015


$76,207.56 in total Grants

Grants Awarded since 2015