Thank You to Our Donors

Thank you to the following individuals, local associations, Councils and Regions for the donations made between
4/1/2023-6/30/2023. Watch for new donor recognition each quarter.

Gamechangers ($1,000+)

Insurance Professionals of Collier County             

New Hampshire Council, In honor of Jonel Thames Leake and Barbara Koons

Insurance Association of Greater Des Moines     

roz horton, Thanks to all the Legacy BOD/Task Force/staff who assisted us in 2023 and all members who helped with the 2023 Regional Competition.

Region III           

Robyn Palardis 

Elaine Sorensen, In honor of Christine Chandler Tillett

Christine Chandler Tillett, In memory of my brother Richard T. Chandler who recently passed away. He was an avid supporter of the CA Council and in turn, me. In honor of Jonel Thames Leake, Donna Whited, Rachel Shubert, Vikki Angelo, Dean Besaw, Angela Gentry, Diane Martell.

Trendsetters ($100 – $999)

Tracy Adams     

Dean Besaw, In honor of Region V

Kathleen Bianculli

Terri Brennan, In honor of Christine Chandler Tillett. Thank you for being an amazing leader and mentor to me and Region VII.

Mary Corvaia    

Lark Covell        

Betty Curry       

Lisa Hardin, In honor of Diane Martell

Vickie Harmon, In honor of Vikki Angelo, Region V, Dean Besaw, Diane Martell

Region I

Champlain Valley Association of Insurance Professionals

Region IV           

Heidi Kugler, In honor of Vikki Angelo

Colleen Laeger 

Brooke Lesniak 

Audrey Macie   

Sandy Malone  

Diane Martell, In honor of Region VII RVP Christine Chandler Tillett, Region VII Conference Co-Chairs Katharine Nohr and Mark Coberly

Linda McCann  

Florence Nagy, In honor of Vickie Harmon, Tammy Wascher, Vikki Angelo

Gayle Nakasone

Lauri Oakden-Binder     

Tracy Oestreich 

Tampa Association of Insurance Professionals    

Association of Puerto Rico          

Geraldine Plott, In honor of Donna Whited

Sue Quimby, In honor of Jonel Thames Leake

Niaris Rabell     

Jan Rauch          

Michele Redman            

April Sanborn, In honor of Jonel Thames Leake

Kathleen Schor 

Allen Shiu          

Rachel Shubert 

Allen Shui          

Angie Sullivan   

Deborah Swanseen, In honor of Jonel Thames Leake

June Taylor        

Region VII

Pacesetters ($25 – $99)

Bonnie Adams  

Cheri Bailey       

Jennifer Baker  

Chelsea-Lynn Brotzki     

Tonya Burris      

Kim Cameron   

Mark Coberly   

Judith Cook       

Mary Corvaia    

Nicole Diley       

Gracellen Donnelley      

Robin Faraone  

Gretel Fernandez           

Jolene Galvan, In honor of Region VII

Laurie Hallam   

Cherri Harris     

Susan Hathorne          

Susan Holbrook

Northeastern Insurance Professionals    

Jennifer Kubiak

Patricia LaBate  

Margaret Lamdagan, In honor of Shirley Shilling Cimino

R. Suzanne Maringer     

Brenda McDermott       

Katie Moorby   

South Bay Association of Insurance Professionals             

Vermont Association of Insurance Professionals 

Marisa Petrella, In honor of Region I

Cindy Prud’homme       

Marcia Tepp      

Jonel Thames Leake, In honor of Barbara Koons 

Julie Wagoner  

Tammy Washer

Margaret Wildi 

Faith Wilson     

Catherine Wolford

ADVOCATEs ($1 – $24)

Becky Adams    

Vikki Angelo      

Lee Baird           

Sandy Ballert    

Mindy Bero       

Chenise Blalock 

Carol Bond        

Jackie Bruno     

Brenda Buck     

Paula Clark        

Colleen Clift      

Jennifer Cockerham       

Andrea Dawes  

Lynette Dean    

Sherry Distelhorst          

Nancy Dunning

Martha Elliott   

Elise Farnham  

Kim Fitzgerald   

Meghan Foster 

Beth Frost          

Sara Gailiunas  

Angela Gentry  

Debra Gillis       

Ashley Grant     

Linda Grayless  

Vickie Hammock            

Dee Horne        

Annette Ing-Firmenza   

Julie Kanash      

Tabitha Kostrubanic       

Michelle Larocque         

Donna Liro        

Linda Luka         

Cheryl Lunette  

Gail Marsigliano

Roberts McKeldin           

Lori Meagher    

Lori Meyer        

Marie Meyers   

Lysa Molnar      

Kim Morrill        

Karen Morrissette          

Adele Nichols   

Stephanie Oakes            

Joycelyn Palumbo          

Joan Paqeau     

Britanny Parcak

Cathy Parlberg  

Crista Peck         

Roberto Ramos

Sharon Rice       

Letitia Riley       

Rose Romaine  

Roseann Santamaria     

Tami Schiermeier           

Kimberly Snavely            

Marissa Snavely

Nick Snavely      

Jennifer Thompson        

Rose Thompson

Tina Waites       

Mary Wildi        

Sandra Woodhouse       

Fran Yotsko