Thank You to Our Donors

Thank you to the following individuals, local associations, Councils and Regions for the donations made between
1/1/2024-3/31/2024. Watch for new donor recognition each quarter.

Gamechangers ($1,000+)

Region III

Trendsetters ($100 – $999)

Terri Brennan – In honor of Region VII Members

Geraldine Plott – In memory of Shalako Horton and Heidi Kugler

Christine Chandler Tillett – In memory of past IAIP members that have left us in 2023 and Shalako Lance Horton

Maryland Council           

San Francisco Insurance Professionals    

Kimberly Snavely            

Karen Morrissette – In memory of Region I deceased members

Faye and Fate Evans – In memory of Shalako Horton and in honor of roz horton

Vickie Harmon – In memory of Shalako Horton

Lisa Hardin        

Kim Cameron – In memory of Todd Binder

NH Council – In honor of Lori Meagher

Andrea Dawes  

Laurie Hallam   

Vickie Hammock            

roz horton – In memory of my Beta Sigma Phi sorority sister Ann O. Barkalow.

Linda Luka         

Gayla Martin     

Linda McCann  

Charleston of Insurance Professionals    

Spartanburg Association of Insurance Professionals – In memory of Shalako Horton

Kathleen Schor 

Catherine Wolford – In memory of Kermit Wolford

Pacesetters ($25 – $99)

Brooke Lesniak 

Jennifer Baker  

Mary Corvaia    

R. Suzanne Maringer     

Cindy Prud’homme       

Tammy Wascher             

Kathleen Bianculli          

Gracellen Donnelley      

Julie Wagoner  

Betty Curry – In memory of Shalako Horton

Lori Meyer        

Melissa Rageth – In honor of Region V

Susan Holbrook

Susan Miles       

Cherri Harris     

Jonel Thames Leake – In honor of Brenda Hornyak

Brenda Buck     

Jesseca Coates 

Linda Grayless – In honor of Region V Directors

Brenda McDermott       

Lysa Molnar – In honor of Lori Meagher

Rose Romaine   Taffy Troup – In memory of Heidi Kugler

ADVOCATEs ($1 – $24)

Cleveland Insurance Professionals