Thank You to Our Donors

Thank you to the following individuals, local associations, Councils and Regions for the donations made between
October 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022. Watch for new donor recognition each quarter.

Gamechangers ($1,000+)

Insurance Professionals of Greater Sioux Falls-In honor of all members of all time of Insurance Professionals of Greater Sioux Falls
Matteuzzi Family Fund –Norm Ziegler Trailblazer Scholarship donation

Trendsetters ($100 – $999)

Vikki Angelo
Jennifer Baker
Teresa Burns-In honor of Norm Zielger
Judith Cook
L Jane Densch-In memory of Nancy Edmonson
Florida Council-2023 Regional Campaign
Lisa Hardin
Vickie Harmon
Keri Herlong
rosalyn horton
Chris Kelly-Storbeck
Jonel Thames Leake-In honor of all Region I Members, In honor of 22-23 International Board of Directors
Gayla Martin
Linda McCann
Carol McManus-In honor of all Region III Members
Lori Meagher-In honor of Jonel Thames Leake, In honor of CT Council 2022
New Jersey Council-In honor of Jonel Thames Leake
Susan Parker-In Honor of Cheri Bailey
Geraldine Plott
Kathleen Schor
South Carolina Council-2023 Regional Campaign
June Taylor
Tammy Wascher-Matching Funds through United Way of Saginaw County

Pacesetters ($25 – $99)

Kathleen Bianculli
Terri Brennan-Matching Funds through Nationwide
Mary Corvaia
Gracellen Donnelley
Laurie Hallam-In honor of Jonel Thames Leake & Sue Quimby
Cherri Harris
Susan Holbrook
R. Suzanne Maringer
Cindy Prud’homme
Colleen Walpert-In Honor of Cheri Bailey

ADVOCATEs ($1 – $24)

Brenda Buck-In honor of Region I RVPs past, present and future
Julie Wagoner
Barbara Watters-In honor of RVP Jonel Thames Leake