Thank You to Our Donors

Thank you to the following individuals, local associations, Councils and Regions for the donations made between
January 1, 2022 – March 31, 2022. Watch for new donor recognition each quarter.

Gamechangers ($1,000+)

rosalyn horton

Houston Association of Insurance Professionals In memory of Lola Brooks & Frances Runk

Insurance Professionals of Shreveport/Bossier

Trendsetters ($100 – $999)

Terri Brennan Regional Campaign & Matching Funds through Nationwide
Gloria Bruno
Kim Cameron In memory of Todd Binder
Christine Chandler Tillett In honor of Region VII Members; In memory of Raymond Huff; In memory of Kathleen Williams (Kerstenbeck)
Sharyn Clark In memory of Billie Sleet; In honor of Geraldine Plott
Betty Curry In memory of Jan Murray
L Jane Densch In memory of Nancy Edmonson
Christine DeSchepper In honor of IPGSF President – Nachole Gillis
Faye Evans
Robin Fawkes In honor of Region VII Vice President Christine Chandler-Tillett
Janet Fritz
Granite State Insurance Professionals
Lisa Hardin
Vickie Harmon
Annette Ing-Firmeza Benevity Community Impact Fund
Insurance Women of Jackson
Beverly Jenkins In memory of Jeremiah Jenkins

Brooke Lesniak
Linda Luka
Diane Martell
Maryland Council
Dawn Manzano
Linda McCann In honor of International President Geraldine Plott
Brenda McDermott In honor of Maggie O’Toole. She loved the Cardinals and IAIP; In honor of Past International President Jane Densch; In honor of Past International President Linda Luka; In honor of Sue Adams Quimby for playing the Region V baseball trivia game for the Legacy Foundation; In honor of Jane Densch for playing the Region V baseball trivia game for the Legacy Foundation
Katharine Nohr
Gail Novelich
Lauri Oakden-Binder In honor of the IAIP Leadership
Geraldine Plott In honor of Region II Vice President Donna Whited
Michele Redman
Letitia Riley Victoria A Rivas International Scholarship Fund
Kathleen Schor

Pacesetters ($25 – $99)

Jennifer Baker
Lelani Beasley In memory of LaNell Osmond
Kathleen Bianculli
Cathy Bowling In honor of Region II Vice President Donna Whited
Barb Burke
Mark Coberly
Mary Corvaia
Gracellen Donnelley
Linda Grayless In honor of Brenda McDermott
Lisa Hardin
Cherri Harris
Susan Hathorne In honor of Region I Vice President Jonel Thames Leake
Susan Holbrook
Insurance Association of Suburban Kansas City Norm Ziegler Trailblazer Scholarship donation – in memory of Barb Kirst
Desiree Koyanagi
Jonel Thames Leake

Regina Lemanowicz
R. Suzanne Maringer
Susan Miles
Lysa Molnar In memory of Cathy Antrim
Tracy Oestreich
Joycelyn Peer
Cindy Prud’homme In honor of all the Volunteers and Volunteer Leaders who serve!
Sue Quimby
Melissa Rageth
Norell Smith
Anna Sullivan
Julie Wagoner
Tammy Wascher
Donna Whited
Margaret Wildi In memory of Al Bondurant
Rae Lynn Zachary In honor of M. Sandy Dameron

ADVOCATEs ($1 – $24)

Gina Patterson

Maribeth Rizzardi In memory of Cathy Antrim