2021 Regional Campaign

Journey to Excellence

A Smashing Success!

The Journey to Excellence campaign was a huge success for the Foundation. With a goal to raise $17,240 ($10 per member), you helped the Foundation exceed that goal! A total of $25,290.30 was raised for the Foundation! 

Congratulations to Journey to Excellence campaign winners!

  • Region with the greatest percentage of member participation: Tie between Region II and V at 12% each
  • 1st Donor: Tamre Hileman on 2/14/2021 at 10:13am
  • Highest individual donation: roz horton at $3,640
  • 1st Region to achieve goal: Region II achieved the goal during the week of 4/19/2021
  • Most unique fundraising event: Region V, Lisa Hardin

Additionally, over $1,635 in gift cards were donated for the Giving Tree. Congratulations to the Giving Tree winners!

  • Audrey Macie – Region I
  • Christine Chandler Tillett – Region VII
  • Dee Horne – Region III
  • roz horton – Region III

A friendly Regional fundraising competition

The journey begins on February 14, 2021 for all regions. The region with the greatest total donations based on the total number of members per region before the end of the 2021 International Convention on Sunday, June 13 will be deemed the winner. 

2021 campaign goals for each region have been set based on an average donation of $10 per member.

Help your region advance along the game board and achieve milestone for the Foundation. Your donations help the Foundation award grants and scholarships, support educational programs at Councils, Regions and International events, and lead to the development of new educational programs to benefit insurance professionals. Join us on the Journey to Excellence!

Gift Card Giving Tree

New this year! The member favorite Gift Card Giving Tree campaign is now combined with the Regional Fundraising Campaign. For every $10 members donate to the Foundation, you’ll earn one ticket for a chance to win the Gift Card Giving Tree. Tickets purchased last year during the Regional Conferences will count towards this year’s Giving Tree.

Please consider donating gift cards, in any denomination, from large chains or stores that are recognized nationwide. This will ensure that the winners will be able to redeem the cards no matter where they reside.

Gift cards should be sent to the NAIW Legacy Foundation – 3525 Piedmont Road, Building Five, Suite 300, Atlanta GA 30305. Thanks for your continued support of the Foundation!

Regional Donation Pages

Please ensure you are selecting the correct region to make your donation to the Foundation!

Region I Donations

Region II Donations

Region III Donations

Region IV Donations

Region V Donations

Region VI Donations

Region VII Donations


All members that help us achieve our goals will be recognized. And those that achieve the following milestones will be highlighted: 

  • Region with the greatest percentage of member participation
  • 1st Donor
  • Highest individual donation
  • 1st Region to achieve goal
  • Most unique fundraising event

Track our Progress

Watch the game pieces advance on our Journey to Excellence as updates will be provided weekly. Click image to expand.

NAIW Legacy Foundation Journey to Excellence!