Leadership Opportunities

Volunteers serving in a leadership position with the Legacy Foundation play a vital role in the organization and are shaping the future of the Foundation. Positions are available starting July 1 to June 30, annually. There are a variety of ways that you can be involved with the Foundation:

Foundation Nominating Committee: The NAIW Legacy Foundation Nominating Committee presents candidates for the Foundation Chair, Directors-at-Large and RVP Director. Serving on the Foundation Nominating Committee is a minimal investment of your time with an average of three meetings to complete the process. The Nominating Committee Application is due to the Executive Director at exec.dir@iaip-ins.org by November 15.

Foundation Board of Directors Position: The Foundation board is charged with setting the strategic direction of the Foundation, awarding scholarships and grants, supporting the educational program development for advancement of the insurance industry. The board meets on average for one hour per month. Positions available include the Foundation Board Chair, two Directors-At-Large and the Director position filled by a sitting IAIP Regional Vice President. Positions are available starting July 1. Foundation Candidate Interest Forms are due to the Executive Director at exec.dir@iaip-ins.org by December 1.