Play Ball!

This year’s Region Challenge for the NAIW Legacy Foundation is “Knock It Out of the Park”!

Each Region will be designated a team and will be represented by a team ‘jersey’ with the Region’s number indicated on our baseball diamond gameboard. Each base on the gameboard will represent 25% of the Region’s members participating in the challenge. Once the jersey has circled the bases and arrives back at home base with 100% participation, it will be a Grand Slam! In recognition of significant donations and/or progress, the Legacy Foundation Task Force will be awarding a ‘mini’ Louisville Slugger bat for each of the following achievements (minimum donation of $25 to qualify). Winners will be announced at the International Convention in Louisville, KY.

  • First Team/Region to get to First Base (25% of Goal)
  • First Team/Region to get a Grand Slam (100% of Goal)
  • First Individual Donation
  • Largest Individual Donation

The Legacy Foundation Task Force is offering another way to support the Legacy Foundation.  This year we will be holding a Spring Training online auction for a beautiful ceramic tile donated by Mike and Carol Bond.  If you’re not familiar with Mike’s artistry, check out his Facebook page (search Mike Bond and view his “Birds, Butterflies & Blooms…” album).  The auction will be online only April 1-15 and the highest bidder will have the opportunity to select their choice of tile from Mike’s portfolio.

Journey to Excellence Campaign

The Journey to Excellence campaign was a huge success for the Foundation! With a goal to raise $17,240 ($10 per member), you helped the Foundation exceed that goal! A total of $25,290.30 was raised for the Foundation!

The journey began on February 14, 2021 for all regions. The region with the greatest total donations based on the total number of members per region before the end of the 2021 International Convention on Sunday, June 13 was announced as the winner.

Congratulations to Journey to Excellence campaign winners!

  • Winning Region:
    • Region II at $3,059; 305.9% of goal
  • Region with the greatest percentage of member participation:
    • Tie between Region II and V at 12% each
  • 1st Donor:
    • Tamre Hileman on 2/14/2021 at 10:13am
  • Highest individual donation:
    • roz horton at $3,640
  • 1st Region to achieve goal:
    • Region II achieved the goal during the week of 4/19/2021
  • Most unique fundraising event:
    • Region V, Lisa Hardin

Additionally, over $1,635 in gift cards were donated for the Giving Tree. Congratulations to the Giving Tree winners!

  • Audrey Macie – Region I
  • Christine Chandler Tillett – Region VII
  • Dee Horne – Region III
  • roz horton – Region III

Watch for details later this year as we announce a new 2022 Regional Fundraising Challenge!